How To Measure

Measurements For Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Measuring is not as difficult as one might believe, actually it is very easy to do. Follow these instructions and half the job is done! Just like any other project proper planning is essential to ensure a perfect end result.

How To Measure

We need the opening height and width of the area where the sliding doors will be installed. Langlo will calculate the overlap between each door such that all doors get the same width. We will also calculate the needed difference between the opening height and the door height to allow for wheels and tracks. You don't have to worry about this.

Measure at more than one spot!

As shown in the picture, measure the height from floor to ceiling in multiple spots. Provide the smallest height.

As shown in the picture, measure the width from wall to wall in two spots, by ceiling and floor. Provide the largest width.

Remember to take the measurements at the location on the floor (away from the back wall) where the doors will be placed.

Take note of obstacles such as wall outlets, light switches, installation hatches, cords, and floor/ceiling moldings.

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