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Between Tall Mountains and Deep Fjords

The wardrobe maker between tall mountains and deep fjords, in the heart of Sunnmøre, Norway. This is where we have worked and developed an industrial legacy for over 100 years. Everything we do is rooted in our history, showing our family values and craft traditions.

Stranda is a typical Norwegian manufacturing county which, despite its location with tall mountains and deep fjords, have been able to develop sustainable industrial enterprises into our time and age.

Langlo AS has been and still is an innovating company based on entrepreneurship. An original sliding doors wardrobe from Langlo has qualities which makes it last - long!

"Stranda County with a population of 5000. Stranda centre is the entry portal to the world famous destination Geiranger. The deep, blue Geirangerfjord is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is surrounded by majestic mountain peaks, wild waterfalls, and green and lush vegetation".

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Dining room furniture produces by Peder K. Langlo Møbefabrikk around 1930, Norway

Custom made furniture. Lets the customer be in the focus of storage design, in a quality which lasts - long!

Long Lasting Quality

In 1928 the Langlo family started  a furniture factory, the second of many furniture factories established in Stranda. The Langlo family had a different vision than other companies for their business. The furniture was sold to the local market, and customers could personally describe what furniture they wanted. That's how the Langlo family created the core business idea leading us all the way to today with custom furniture and excellent solutions to the customer's needs. The sliding door wardrobes must give our customers the great feeling of having everything in order, clean and organized.

Creating Solutions

Our employees are our most important resource - our employees have active roles in the company and push us forward, both in manufacturing and product development.

Colors and materials are important to Langlo when designing the best sliding door wardrobes. Combining finishes using different structures, shapes and colors creates an exciting dimension to the storage function. The lines of nature create life and textures to the modern home. Hard materials versus soft clothing, in the full color spectrum, allows the room to inherit a wonderful, unique, and individual character.

Langlo® product sample filling i oak reed

Our collection is designed with focus on natural, authentic, and sustainable raw materials.

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