Utilize Storage Space

Bedroom with Langlo® Topaz sliding wardrobe wooden doors in stained oak and clear mirror finish

Utilize the Storage Potential of Every Room

Each room in a home have its function and charm. Family room for relaxation and social needs. Kitchen for enjoying food and senses coming alive. Bedroom for sleep and coziness. Entry room for a warm and pleasant welcome when coming home or wishing guests welcome.

But, all rooms in the home have one thing in common, independent of function or location or whether it's the family room or the entry way: the need for storage. How can we practically and elegantly find a way to store all of our stuff?

This is why we have kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, shelves, chests and dressers. Nevertheless, we never get enough - and this is where the custom made sliding door wardrobes fit in.

With Langlo's sliding wardrobe doors you can easily cover entire walls - from floor to ceiling, and from wall to wall - with design doors functioning as a decorative wall and a natural element in the room. As a bonus you get to hide all your stuff behind the doors.

Not only does it provide you with a decorative design element, you also get to utilize every millimeter of the room. Sliding doors from Langlo don't stop 10 cm before reaching the ceiling - we produce them such that they reach all the way to the top! You as the customer provide us with your measurements, and we produce each wardrobe to your specification. Naturally only up to a certain height since somewhere there's manufacturing limit, for us this is at 3000 mm height.

We place full attention to quality and our selected materials reflect the quality, the Scandinavian design, and the timelessness in our sliding doors. So look around your rooms, don't limit yourself from the traditional wardrobes you are used to. Think overall design, think the same way you do as when selecting your kitchen design. Think structure, finishes, and colors - and enjoy the good feeling when everything comes together, nicely and organized.

Bedroom with Langlo® Topaz sliding wardrobe wooden doors in pure white finish